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2013 - 2019 BREAKOUT WHEELS 895.00 A SET  

Exchange your factory wheels for these beautiful triple plated show chromed WILLY SHINY wheels. We take factory " Breakout " wheels and strip, sand and polish out all of the rough castings before the triple plated chrome finish is applied.  These wheels come with new bearings installed , we use " ALL BALLS RACING " ABS bearings . Lets us know if you have ABS or non ABS . They have a two year warranty against flaking or blistering .

The price is 895.00 a set plus shipping.  We also carry polished rotors for 80.00 each. Chrome pulleys are 150.00 exchanged

We take great pride in our products and stay ahead of the competition by giving you the highest quality and the best value for your money !

* We mask all bearing registers  so there is no chrome buildup which causes the bearings to compress and tighten up .

* We chase the threads for the rotor bolts and pulley bolts so they install with no issues.

*We make sure rotor surfaces are leveled so the rotors run true .

* We do not charge an up front core  - but an 800.00 core would apply if you do not send back your wheel cores within 30 days .

Give us a call at 909 815 5376 to order .